Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Wednesday 18 April

What a day. Once again, being Wednesday we had loads of Daycases. In fact one was still there when I left. This morning was chaos as we had 8 theatre cases. Veronica wasnt there, we had 2 ENs doing them. Then the child with burns had to have a dressing change, so there was hardly any one on the ward! And then one of the doctors wanted us to take the neuro patient to the bath. Fortunately Razia and the OT did that. Then Razia didnt tell me that the feed hadnt been reconnected, so I spent ages during lunchtime trying to flush the tube. The afternoon was much better. We had a huge storm this afternoon, apparently the roads were terrible. Mandy phoned Gill to say she was at the Hypermarket and couldnt see in front of her. I phoned Dad and asked him to fetch Brenda early from aftercare.
Everybody seemed to like my hair and I had lots of compliments, so that was great.
Tomorrow there is no sister working with me. I didn't hear Debbie phoning to book anyone. What really annoys me is that there are quite a lot of patients all with loads of medicines. There are also 4 day cases, and we are doing the full burns dressing in the morning. I dont know what she expects me to do with all the doctors and medicines. I cant take Nancy off the ward to help me with meds because until the burns dressing is finished she is the only staff nurse, and of course Razia is unable to do baths on her own, as then she feels that she is the only one working! So not sure what will happen! I can only pray that it is quieter than today as at least we wont have any daycases

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