Tuesday, 17 April 2007

New haircut

Finally I got it together and had my hair cut short. I have been trying to grow it on and off for a couple of years, but I decided a couple of months ago that I would get it cut short. Just never got it done. I had a voucher that I was given so I went and had it done today. I think it looks quite good, but no one has really seen me except for mom and Brenda, so not sure what everyone else will say. It also seems quite easy to manage, so that is good. I was a bit worried that the colour would all be cut off and it would be dark, but a lot of the streaks are still showing and the colour is still quite light.
I had to work last night. It was quite exhausting. They only phoned me at 7pm. Apparently they left a message on my answerphone, but I never got it. So I hadnt slept at all. Anyway, I managed it. Came and crashed this morning though until I got woken up by the garden services at about 12:30. Then I went and had my haircut and then fetched Brenda early from aftercare. We went and had lunch at Wimpy, and then came home and played Playstation.
We were supposed to go to Mooi River with mom and dad on Saturday after the school fun day. But now Brenda has been invited to Faris's birthday party at Ushaka beach and she is desperate to go to that. So mom and dad will go up on her own, and I will take her to Ushaka. I hope she enjoys it.
Got some photos from Dayle from the holiday. They are lovely and look like they had a brilliant time. Brenda seemed to enjoy it, and hasnt stopped talking about Mauritius the whole time. I cant seem to upload them on here, but will try and do that soon.

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