Saturday, 14 April 2007

Last day

Today is the last day before Brenda gets back. Only 1 more sleep! They are supposed to fly back from Mauritius today and then fly back to Durbs tomorrow. I cant wait to see her. The only problem is that Dayle hasnt even phoned us. We dont know if they are back or not, and if they are back, when they fly in tomorrow. The problem is that mom and dad have a meeting on in the afternoon. It starts at 1:30, the problem is that Dad wants to drop mom at the airport at 12:00 to wait for the flight. We dont even know what time the flight is, she may only arrive at 7pm. Poor mom will have a very long day! I just hope that Brenda is safe and in one one piece.
Otherwise nothing really happened today. Had a long day at work, but only one to go and then I am off for 2, thank goodness.

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