Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Lizard's bite by David Hewson

The Lizard's Bite
David Hewson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. This book continues the story of Nic Costa and his friends. They have been exiled to Venice in punishment for some offence and are about to go on leave and then return to Rome. Circumstances of course, conspire to change this and they are called in to investigate a bizarre double murder. Uriel Arcangeli and his wife have been burnt to death in a glass foundry. The friends are called in to investigate but are basically told what their outcome is supposed to be. Unfortunately their investigation does not mirror what the establishment wants them to find and many feathers are ruffled. The investigation is bungled a little bit and lots of family secrets come out and possibly unnecessary results occur. Although I did enjoy this book a lot, I really dont feel that it is the best in the ones that I have read. However, lots of twists and turns in the plot kept me enthralled right until the end.
When I first started reading these books I didnt actually realise it was a series, and I have not read them in order at all. Whilst you can do it this way and still get through the books okay in retrospect I would try and read them in order. I have read more of the later books in this series and now jumped back to this one. It was a little bit difficult to work out what exactly was going on, why they were in Venice for example. It was also a bit surreal reading this book when I know so much of what is going to happen to them later for e.g. one of the main characters dying in one of the later books. All in all though, a really fast paced, fun book to read.

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