Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Messiah Code by Michael Cordy

Tom Carter is a genetic scientist working on experimental ways to cure cancer. On his proudest day his wife is killed by an assassins bullet meant for him. Shortly after that he discovers that his daughter carries a gene which makes her likely to get terminal brain cancer. While Tom attempts to find a genetic cure for brain cancer a shadowy organisation called The Brotherhood is attempting to find the Messiah who has supposedly come again. They team up together, but a sinister member of the organisation is still trying to kill Tom as she has killed many before her.
Things I liked:
  • If you like The Da Vinci code you will like this. Having said that this is nowhere near as good as The Da Vinci Code.
  • I liked all the medical information and twists
  • It was a brilliant idea for a book
  • The author really kept you guessing until the very end, although there were some indications of how things would turn out this was nowhere as clear cut as all that, and the ending was a surprise
What I didn't like:
  • Not enough action for me, there were parts that were a bit dry and long winded
  • The epilogue was  bit confusing, and I didnt really feel it served any purpose
  • He didnt really go into things enough, there were times when you were left wondering why things had happened or how things happened.
Would I read it again: No
Would I try another book by this author: Yes

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