Sunday, 24 April 2011

Catching up readathon update 3

I havent had a chance to update since yesterday, but have managed to read a fair bit. I havent dont too much today since I was out until around 1pm and then had a nap from 3 till 6.
So, since yesterday morning I have read:
102 pages of Wuthering Heights - completed
389 pages of Earth and Heaven - completed
118 pages of Star Spangle Bride
Total pages read:  609

Since the start of the readathon
Pages read: 1244
Books finished: 4

At the moment I am reading an old Loveswept book called Star Spangled Bride, not sure what I will do after that, feel like I need a couple of light books.


readingwiththefishes said...

Congrats! You have definitely got a lot more accomplished then I did. For some reason this weekend hasn't permitted me the time I need to catch up on my reading!

Aryelle @ ReadingwiththeFishes

Kristen said...

I read a ton of light books, so I'm applauding you for trying some longer ones! :) Hope you get some more pages read tomorrow.