Friday, 22 April 2011

Catching up readathon

I joined this readathon in an attempt to actually get ahead in my reading, so hopefully it will do that. It started yesterday, but I didnt actually get too much time to read last night. I did manage to read 59 pages of Wuthering Heights, but that was all. This morning I read a bit of The lizards bite by David Hewson, but had to stop to take my daugher to the airport. Of course, once we got there we found out her flight was delayed by an hour. So, I popped into the bookshop there, and picked up a little book called The racists guide to the people of South Africa by Simon Kilpatrick, and ended up reading the whole thing right there. Although the title sounds terrible, it is quite misleading. The book itself is not really about racism or racist in any way, but is just a generally funny poke at the  people of South Africa. It is politically incorrect, irreverent, full of stereotypes but really spot on, so much so that at times I actually laughed out loud. I would really recomment it to any South Africans or anyone who has spent some time here.
So, at this point I have read:
59 pages of Wuthering Heights,
180 pages of The Lizards bite by David Hewson
144 pages of The Racists Guide to the people of South Africa
Books finished: 1

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Kristen said...

You're doing great! I love how little delays in life get you to pick up something new and interesting. :)