Monday, 25 April 2011

It's Monday, what are you reading?

This week I have actually managed to finish quite a few books, mainly because of the nice long weekend and Brenda being away.
Started off by finishing
Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time, #13; Memory of Light, #2)
I absolutely loved this book. I absolutely love  this series, but the books around 8-11 did drag a bit. However, this one really picks up the pace and so much happens. One of my favourite characters is back too. I am thinking of doing another reread before the next book comes out, but will leave it for a few months.
The Lizard's Bite
David Hewson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors and I really enjoyed this book. The only thing I must admit is that I think I should have read the books in order since there are some things I am a bit in the dark about. Also, there are some things that I know that will happen in the future for eg. one of the main characters dying that make it a bit surreal reading these.
The Racist's Guide To The People Of South Africa
I pickedd up this book at the airport and read it while waiting for my daughters plane to go. Since it was delayed by nearly 2 hours I actually finished the book there. The title is really misleading since this is just a tongue in cheek look at the various people of South Africa. In parts it was so funny that I actually laughed out loud in the bookshop! It is funny, irreverent, very politically incorrect, loaded with stereotypes but quite a lot of the time it is absolutely spot on. If anyone has spent anytime in South Africa, you would definitely laugh.
Wuthering Heights
I read this for a readalong, but actually finished it way before the time because I was enjoying it so much. I have read it before as a teenager, but it is amazing how I viewed it so differently this time around. I don't remember it being as dark as it is, also last time I viewed Heathcliff as the misunderstood little poor relation. However, this time I was much more aware how fundamentally dysfunctional some of the characters are. What does that say about me that I still enjoyed it lol.
Earth and Heaven
I enjoyed this book, but felt there was too much left unsaid, and the ending didn't really work for me at all.

Lastly, I read The Star Spangled Bride by Iris Johansen, a light romance, which I needed after all the heavy books.

What am I reading this week:
Jane Eyre

The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)

These two are for a read a long, so wont be reading the whole thing.
Mothers Day
Thoroughly enjoying this one!
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Dizzy C said...

Enjoy your reading week, Tracy.


Ellie said...

These long weekends are great for catching up on reading aren't they :)

Anonymous said...

I covet your long weekend of reading! New follower.

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

My eyes are getting old, so I couldn't actually make out most of the titles on your reading list, but I CAN tell that you got quite a bit read! Enjoy your upcoming reading week!

pussreboots said...

Coming up I'll be reading a Harry Harrison book, more manga, more assigned reading for school and whatever else strikes my fancy. Come see what I finished this week.

Elida said...

Thank you for your comment! Enjoy your week!