Thursday, 12 January 2012

Review: Not that kind of girl by Catherine Alliot

Not That Kind of Girl
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After being dumped at the altar Henrietta (Henny) falls in love and subsequently marries her boss, Marcus. The story starts about 15 years later when Henrietta, Marcus and their 2 children have just moved to the country and Henrietta takes a job as PA to a historian. After being found in a compromising, if innocent, position by her husband, her marriage starts to fall apart. Who should enter her life at this stage, but her ex-fiance Rupert. Who will she choose? Does her husband even want her? What are Ruperts plans? The book is set mainly between London and the countryside and some funny times ensue.

The majority of the book centres around Henny and her thoughts and feelings, as she tries to deal with these developments.  I am really in two minds about this book as there are some brilliant parts but some really boring bits. I found the main character to be really tiresome. Given to flights of fancy which made her do really stupid things. Although I guess that is sometimes what the genre is about, it really made me want to kick her! Henny would look at something and then we would have 4-5 pages of her imagining all sorts of happy or sad things happening. And then worse she would act on these even when there was no conceivable reason for her to do whatever she was doing.  There were times when the book dragged a bit, and could have probably done with having a 100 pages less fantasy. Having said that, the parts where there is any action are absolutely hysterical and had me laughing aloud. There are some scenes in the book which rank up there with my favourite scenes ever.
Rating: I gave it 3/5 on goodreads

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