Sunday, 8 January 2012

2011 Challenge Round up

Since we are a week into 2012, I thought I had better do a round up of 2011 challenges. I will try to be better this year about doing this as we go along.

100+ reading challenge
Goal: 100 books
Read: 108

Birth year reading challenge
Goal: 7
Read: 0
Oh dear, my main problem was since they were old books, I couldnt get them in my local library and needed to go into the main library in town, which I never got a chance to do. I may try and do this one this year.

Bronte sisters reading challenge:
Goal: 3
Read: 2
Oh dear.

Chunkster reading challenge
Goal: 6
Read: 20!

Lord of The Rings Readalong
Goal: 3 + 1 other Tolkien book
Read: 3 + The Hobbit

Mystery and Suspense challenge
Goal: 12
Read: 40!!!

Narnia Read a long
Goal: 7
Read: 7

New Author Challenge:
Goal: 15
Read: 32

Read me baby 1 more time
Goal:  13-20
Read: 18

Support your local library challenge:
Goal: 30
Read: 47

All in all, although I failed at 2 I think I did quite well. What I didnt do too well at is reviewing, I hope to be better this year!

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