Thursday, 12 January 2012


Whilst surfing today I discovered this meme and thought this was quite a nice set of questions. Pop over to Booking through Thursday if you would like to join in.

1. What’s your favorite time of day to read?

Any time! With working full time, studying part time and raising a daughter, I can't really say I have a set time to read. I will snatch a few minutes here and there at various times of the day.
2. Do you read during breakfast? (Assuming you eat breakfast.)
If I am eating alone yes, but not if I am with my daughter. Same goes for other meals, even in restaurants
3. What’s your favorite breakfast food? (Noting that breakfast foods can be eaten any time of day.)
Egg, bacon, mushrooms, toast

4. How many hours a day would you say you read?
Once again, depends on the day, but I try to get at least an hour in. Sometimes it is a lot more, sometimes less.
5. Do you read more or less now than you did, say, 10 years ago?
I have always read a lot, but during the period where my daughter was very young I found less time to read and didnt read much at all. Not to say that I didn't read, I always had a book on the go, but would take ages to finish it. That would put us from about 1998 - 2002  or so. Over the last few years I have been reading progressively more and more.

6. Do you consider yourself a speed reader?
Wouldn't say a speed reader, but I think I do read relatively fast.

7. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To fly!

8. Do you carry a book with you everywhere you go?
Pretty much. I have one on the go at work, and one on the go at home. If I am going out I generally take one in my bag, unless I am just popping out to the shops. I have been known to buy a book to read at a fast food place because I cannot sit on my own without reading.
9. What KIND of book?
Paper, I would LOVE a Kindle though.
10. How old were you when you got your first library card?
I have had a library card as long as I can remember. My mum got us one as small children and we would go to the library weekly. True confession here: I used to read more books than I was allowed to take out. So, I used to sneak extra books out the library and sneak them back in the next week!
11. What’s the oldest book you have in your collection? (Oldest physical copy? Longest in the collection? Oldest copyright?)
I have a copy of David Copperfield which was my Grandfathers setbook at school. My mum subsequently used it as well. There is no date in it, but he was born in 1892, so it must have been published around 1900. There is another one with the same binding (can't remember the name right now) so it possibly came at around the same time. Oldest book in MY collection is some copies of Noddy from my childhood.
12. Do you read in bed?
Yes, in bed with a cup of coffee last thing at night, first thing in the morning, middle of the day, lol. Any time.
13. Do you write in your books?
I am absolutely unable to do this. I write my name only if they are going to be lent out. That is generally written in the inside front cover. Otherwise I cannot write in books, tear pages out, bend the corners etc. We had a very strict librarian in junior school who drummed this into me. Occasionally I will underline or star in a textbook, but this is very lightly in pencil.
14. If you had one piece of advice to a new reader, what would it be?
Read as much as you can get your hands on. Also, try and mix it up a bit, so you are not reading the same thing over and over. You may get bored and give up.
15. What question have I NOT asked at BTT that you’d love me to ask? (Actually, leave the answer to this one in the comments on this post, huh? So I can find them when I need inspiration!)
This is my first time here,  so dont really know what has been asked.


LibrarySnake said...

Great answers :)

Bri said...

Haha! I like your answers. Especially the one about not hurting your books, it's exactly like mine xD