Friday, 13 January 2012

Bout of Books 3.0 picture challenge and update

Bout of Books
Todays challenge over at The reading housewives was to show a picture of your book, your snack and your drink. Tonight, I dropped Brenda off to youth and then had a couple of hours to read.
I have had a craving for hot chocolate for a day or so, but it is far too hot here So, I compromised and treated myself to some chocolate milk, which was yummy. Also, my packet of Lightly salted crisps and some rocky road chocolate. Yummy! Reading wise I am busy with Duncton Tales, but will possibly take a break to read a few shorter books.

Since my last update I havent had too much chance to read, but am happy with my progress so far.

Books finished today: 0
Books finished so far: 1 and a half (It's now or never and Kiss the girls)
Pages read since last update: 151 (136 Duncton Tales, 15 Start somewhere)
Pages read so far: 943
#insix words: Thank goodness its nearly the weekend!

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The Reading Housewives said...

rocky road chocolate!? That sounds so good right about now! :)