Saturday, 19 March 2011

Jane Eyre Read-a-long

I have only read this book once before, at school. It was one of my set books, and I remember thinking it quite hard work. I picked it up last weekend with the intention of reading the first chapter and had to stop myself after Chapter 9.
Jane, an orphan girl is basically chucked out from her aunts house and sent off to boarding school. Her aunt was absolutely horrible to her and so she quite looks forward to this school. However, the reality is somewhat different to what Jane expected. The school turns out to be little more than an orphanage since it seems to be mainly for poor or orphaned children. Conditions at the school are very basic and the children (and teachers for that matter) are kept starved and poorly clad. However, this seems to be mainly at the instigation of the administrator of the school since the teachers appear to be by and large loving.
What I am enjoying so far:
I have really found the book easy to read and could have gone on to finish it immediately. I enjoyed meeting Jane, but couldnt quite work out why nobody liked her at home. Unless it was just that she was the poor relation. I did enjoy the scene where she was leaving home only to find that the nanny actually liked her more than the others even though she had been horrible to her. Jane seems to wander around in her own world almost cocooned from everything else in a way. I am definitely enjoying the book and looking forward to the story unfolding.

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