Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The fellowship of the Rings

I am taking part in the Lord of the Rings Read a long over at The story girl. I have read this series at least once and of course have seen all 3 movies. However, I have not read the series since the movies came out and have not watched the movies again since they came out so there was quite a lot that I had forgotten although the storyline is familiar.
Although each book is being run over 3 months I never got around to starting last month and so I only started this month. The plan was to read 4 chapters a week, but I am a little behind, although I will definitely be able to finish in time. What struck me most as I started reading was all the descriptions. Tolkien really builds his world up beautifully. I love that even the scary parts are so beautifully described that it is like reading a fairy tale. Even though I guess it could make the book a bit slower, the descriptions are just so beautiful that you dont mind.
 I have got to the part where they have just left Tom Bombadill and are entering Bree. Tom Bombadill was left out of the movie, which made me very sad because I absolutely love him and Goldfinger. I really love the scenes inside the forest, it seems so eerie and mysterious. It always reminds me of the ending of one of the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton. (cant remember which one right now)
What I also remembered while reading the book was how in the movie it almost seems like a chance meet ups between all 4 hobbits, whereas in fact it was more planned than that and they all set out together.
After having read The Hobbit last month I was actually a bit miffed that Frodo had sold the house to the Sackville Bagginses since they tried to steal from Bilbo in The Hobbit.
I also like how their are always kind, wise people around to help the hobbits and how they all seem to know about them and be looking out for them!. This book has some of my favourite scenes in it and I am looking forward to Rivendell. I also know that my favourite character should be around soon and am waiting for that.
Sorry this is a bit all over the place, just had a hectic day at work.

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Bahnree said...

Cool! Glad you're joining the fun. :D

I love that Frodo's friends arranged to come with him, rather than it be random. They care enough about him to kind of "stalk" him and make sure he doesn't run off into danger all by himself.