Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Felloship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring
My first review is here
Last time I reviewed this book the Hobbits had just left Tom Bombardil behind. After leaving him they set off for Bree where we met my favourite character - Strider/Aragon. I absolutely love him, the strong silent type, lol. (For those of you who may read Robert Jordan - Lan is my favourite character there and reminds me so much of Aragorn.)
Despite not trusting him they set off in the direction of Rivendell. They are looking for Gandalf, but not sure whether he is alive. Rivendell is beautiful and some of my favourite parts are there. I also love the time in Lothlorien later on in the book.
Once again, I love all the descriptions and "world - building" that Tolkien does. He really has the power to transport you into the book, you can actually "see" Middle Earrth as the adventure unfolds.
Favourite parts in this section
  • Frodos performance at the inn in Bree - despite the fact that it is one of those times when you want to stop him since you know it is going to be trouble, I just love his disappearing act
  • The meeting of Strider
  • Finding the tombs in the Mountains of Moria
  • All the scenes at Rivendell and Lothlorien
  • The ending of this part although it is quite a cliffhanger.
  • Actually that is pretty much the whole book :-)
What I picked up immediately this time which I dont remember picking up in previous reads is Gollum following them, and it is fairly obvious so I am not sure how I missed it before!

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