Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Horse and His boy

The Horse and His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia)

A young boy is bought up by a man who found him in a boat. Although he is treated badly, he really knows no other life, and seems to accept this as normal. When he hears his "father" scheming to sell him to a passing nobleman he runs away on the noblemans horse. This is no ordinary horse, but actually, Bree, a talking horse from Narnia. They decide to run away to Narnia and so their adventure begins. On the way they meet Aravis and her talking horse, Hwin, also runaways. They eventually make it to Narnia via Tashbaan the capital city of Calormen. Calormen is across the desert from Archenland and Narnia.
This was the first book in the series that I was given as a child but I did not really remember much of it at all. I think in my head I had mixed it up a bit with Prince Caspian. I think that some people may feel that this book is a bit racist since the "bad guys" are darker than the good guys. However, once again it is a childs book and I think we shouldnt really look into it too deeply. In reading it I never really picked it up, but thought about it afterwards. There was also less of the Christian emphasis in this book, but there is a bit there.
Favourite parts: The first scene where Shasta meets Bree. I thought this was very funny.
The scene where they meet the lions and then Aravis
The scenes in Tashbaan, I just loved the descriptions. I also loved where Aravis was hiding behind the couch and her "Fiancee" (who she was running away from) was being beaten by the kings son.
The scene where Shasta is in the desert and protected by the cat.
The scene where Shasta is running through the mountains and the "breathing" is on his left. He later finds that this is Aslan who has been protecting him.
I just loved the outcome with Rabadash being turned into a donkey, thought it was very fitting.
I also loved the descriptions as well as the very beautiful, humourous pictures in the copy I read.

All in all, I think this has been my favourite in the series so far. Maybe because I knew much less of the story, also there was so much action, it kept me on my toes.

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