Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Five favourite series

I was recently asked what my favourite book is and I realised  that I would find it very difficult to actually choose a book or even an author. So, after much deliberation I have come up with a few lists of favourites, which I will share occasionally with you.
My favourite series are
1. The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon - this was a hard choice between no 1 and no 2, but eventually Jamie Fraser won over Lan from the next series. I read the first on a recommendation from a friend about 8 years ago and absolutely fell in love with the hero. He is really the perfect men and sadly, most men I have met have paled in comparison, lol. He is just the right measure of strong, stern, loving, funny etc. I love the early books most but have enjoyed every single one in the series, and have favourite scenes from all of them. I have also read a couple of the spin off Lord John Grey books and thoroughly enjoyed those too.
2. Robert Jordans Wheel of time series.  I first saw this series in my uncle's library. He used to have bookshelves built into the wall throughout his house. Going down the stairs he had these books on the shelf and of course I saw them regularly when I stayed there. I eventually bought the first book and have been hooked ever since. I absolutely love the world and the series that he created. I have since read the series at least 3 times and am currently reading the latest book in the series which I won from a bookclub hosted by TJ at Dreams and speculations. My favourite character has to be Lan, who is the strong, silent type, the heir to a lost throne. Very similar to Strider from The Lord of the Rings
3. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. I absolutely love his descriptions of the world which he has created which is close enough to our world for me to relate to it, but different enough to make it interesting. I am currently   re-reading this series as part of a read-a-long here
4. The Duncton Series by William Horwood. I was given one of these books by my sister and thought she had gone mad. I mean, who writes a book about moles of all things? I started reading it because my mother said I couldnt hurt her feelings I was open minded and didn't stop until I had finished all 6. I have subsequently re-read this series, and this year have started again, although I have only got to number 2. I was sad to see that it appears they are out of print.
5. The earth child series by Jean M.Auel - I first read The clan of the cave bear when I was at school, and have read all the books. Funny story is that the latest one is called The painted caves or something like that. My work internet would not allow me to search it since it said it was pornography!

There were a couple of other series that I considered including the one on Henry III and Eleanor of Aquataine by Sharon Penman, but these I think are my top-five.


jo said...

Diana Gabaldon is on my to read list at some point - and I like the sound of the Duncton books too.

Becky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :) Interesting to see what your favourite books are - I love the Lord of the Rings too, but I have never heard of Robert Jordan, so may look him up when I have finished Pillars of the Earth.