Tuesday, 4 January 2011

One little word 2011

I did this last year and although I did fall off the wagon a bit in the middle of the year I think I am much more organised than I was at the start of last year. Basically the concept with this is that you take one little word to symbolise how you will be living your life this year. There are a lot of places around who are doing this but I will be following on Mel's blog., one of my favourite blogs.
Choosing a word was quite difficult. Firstly I thought of Friends, with all the stress that has happened in my life the last few years I have been very bad at keeping up with my friends. Both due to time and sometimes I just havent actually felt like it. Then I thought of healthy because once again I really need to lose weight. Then I thought of positive because I feel like I have been in a bit of a negative spiral lately, and need to change that. Then that brought me on to my final word that I have chosen and that is.....................

I think that can encompass all 3, so what I want to change is the following
  • my attitude: this will encompass being positive and being more in contact with my friends, also continuing to be more organised and just getting my life in order
  • my weight: obviously lose and be more active
  • my finances: I need to make a serious dent in my debt repayments over the next year.
I have infact put a few things in place over the last few months on the finance side which will definitely continue over the next few months. But I need to start working on the others. I will use another blog for this but will post monthly updates on here!

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