Monday, 11 January 2010

Its Monday what are you reading this week?

I am quite impressed with myself as so far I have managed to keep up and in fact am actually a bit ahead of the game. This is good though, because I know that at some stage life will get in the way of the reading! So, for what are you reading this week I actually have quite a few books.
This week I have read:
1) Finished the courtship of Nellie Fisher series, The Longing and The Forbidden
2) Making your mind up by Jill Mansell I really enjoyed this book, such fun, lighthearted comedy.
3) Little Face by Sophie Hannah. This book was read for an online book club. It is really not the sort of book I usually read, but I enjoyed it. Very intense though, and lots of layers, you really have to think about it, well I did anyway.
4) Polar Shift by Clive Cussler. I love all of Clive Cussler's books. I was introduced to him through my real life bookclub and honestly is one of my favourite authors now. I love the fact that his books are so fast paced and find it very hard to put them down.
5) Bad Blood by Linda Fairstein. Once again, one of my favourite authors so I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

As for what I am going to read this week, last night I started English Passengers by Matthew Kneale. While I am enjoying it I can see it is one that may take me a little longer to read. After that I am not actually sure what I will read. I will have to hit the library!


Kristen said...

Jill Mansell's stuff is fun, isn't it? Happy reading this week!

Jennifer said...

I adore Jill Mansell! Have a fun week reading. My Monday:

Elizabeth said...

I love Jill Mansell! Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late! Linda Fairstein is an author I have on my list to try this year. :) But now that I am reading everyone's comments, maybe Jill Mansell should be there

Have fun reading this week!

Joy said...

sounds like u are into those suspense reads right now. Have a great week!