Tuesday, 19 January 2010

52 walks in 2010 week 3

Todays walk happened on the spur of the moment after work. It was quite overcast and windy, so had to lighten the photos up quite a bit. We went to the Japanese Gardens near my house, which I have not been to since Brenda was about 2, so was a nice change from the routing places we go to. I will try and go back later when we have more time.

I was not sure what this bird was, from a distance it looked like a crane, but when I got closer I wasnt too sure.

No idea on this one, any suggestions welcome!

Egyptian Geese


Karen said...

Lots of great photos - the Japanese Gardens do look fantastic, although I have no idea what the bird is - sorry!!

Mr. Charleston said...

It's a Great Blue Heron. The little one on the lilly pads, some kind of Stilt or Rail. Would love to visit those gardens. Where are they?

Mama Bear said...

Wow, what absolutely beautiful pictures Tracy. Love them. Can't believe how quickly Miss Brenda is growing up!