Thursday, 7 January 2010

52 walks in 2010

Over on UKS a few of us are doing a photography challenge for 2010, to do 52 walks in 2010 and then post the photos. I have attempted to do a walk every day since last Friday and every day something has happened. Actually went down to the beach last Friday but couldnt get parking, and various other things have happened, culminating with today when our geyser burst this afternoon. So, to make sure that we got this weeks walk in, just landed up walking up the road this afternoon with Brenda and my mom. The first picture is of the view from our road, unfortunely it was a bit hazy so you cant really see the sea!

Another one of the view

Brenda took her scooter, and had a wonderful time going up and down the hill, until the rubber came off the wheel.

I think this is a White Hibiscus, but not 100% sure. Despite it being summer, I found very few flowers to take photos of.

Our neighbours still have their Christmas decorations up!

Oh well, that was our walk, hopefully the next one will be a little bit more exciting. I have been trying to come up with 52 different walks, and off hand can only think of about 10. Will have to do some researching over the next year!


Shirley said...

How lovely to come to your blog and see some of your photos. Love the hibicus photo. My first walk was definately a colder one than yours. ;o)

Karen said...

Some great photos from your first walk - love the one of the White Hibiscus :)