Monday, 30 July 2007

Winter in Durban

Durban has to have one of the best winter climates in the world. Hard to believe that the entire weekend was hot and sunny! Some people dont even have that in summer. Even tonight when I came home from work, I didnt even wear a jersey. Not many places that have weather like that.
I worked Friday night, and then Saturday went and had lunch with Ilse, it was great to see her again, I havent seen her for about 2 months. In the afternoon I came home and finished off my next Scrapbook page. Yesterday we went to Timothy's birthday party at Mitchell Park. I havent been for ages, but it was a lovely day and the kids had a ball playing on the swings. After that it was gym, and then came home to study APLS. I got on quite well, but it was quite difficult as Brenda was sitting next to me doing her project, and she kept disturbing me. She has to hand it in on 6 AUgust, but has only done the rough. I am not sure when she is planning on doing it as I am working next weekend! Got my long week this week, I hope it is not too busy.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Just realised...

That it is Hobby-X in 2 weeks time. This is a craft show that is on every year in Durban. For some reason I thought that it was only in September. I will probably go on the Friday, so that it is hopefully not too busy. Brenda is off school that day too, so she can come. Last year they had some kids crafts that they could do while you wondered around. I am quite excited now, as there were quite a few things that I didnt buy last year and then have kicked myself the entire year about. So will definitely get them this year. Just have to have the money though :-)
Today I slept until about 1:30, then got up and went and got some paper for the new page I am doing. Mum told me that at CNA at the La Lucia Mall, they have the Memories Direct scrapbooking box for R99, marked down from R400, so I will go and look at it tomorrow. Working tomorrow night, and otherwise got no plans for the weekend.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Short day

Went to work today only to get sent home at 12:00 as Nandi is not coming, and the sister who was supposed to replace her cancelled. Came home, and sat out in the sun with the chicken. It had a lovely time, but I was quite cold. Since I bought it inside it has spent most of its time trying to fly out of the cage! Baby Bop was also outside with me, and she totally ignored it. I found out that Busi is going to do APLS with me as well as a lot of the UM's. Fortunately no doctors, lol. The nice thing about working tonight is that I get tomorrow. I got one of my student assessments done today. Getting through them slowly. I was hoping to do another, but will have to do it later in the month. Going to bed now, and then when I wake up, I hope to sort out some photos for my next page.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

new page

Had a peaceful day today. Spent most of the day at home, studying and scrapping. Did a page using a sketch from pencil lines, sketch no 41. I think it turned out quite nicely. It was nice to get on and do some scrapping, because for ages I have had no inspiration. The other thing that was good was that I didnt buy anything new for it, I did it using only stuff that I had in my stash. So, it did not really cost me anything! I also did quite a bit of studying for the course. I still need to do a lot more. The more I read the harder it seems, and I am starting to get a little bit worried! At least I have 10 days to learn in. So that is what I will be doing this weekend. Busi has asked me to work Friday night for her, so at least that is a bit more money coming through. Brenda is going ice-skating with Seekers on Friday. I was hoping to go with, but now I am working I wont be able to. I am about to go out to fetch Brenda and then take her to the library and try to get some info for her project. Tonight is the start of the Alpha course as well, so I need to get a move on. The weather has turned quite wintery, which is what it always does when I have any church functions at night! Hope it gets better for the weekend.


Back from the Alpha course, which was brilliant. We had supper first, then watched a video and then broke into groups. The video was brilliant, the guy was quite funny, and it had a lot of very interesting points. The group I was allocated to is great too, some very nice people. There is quite a wide age range, but that is nice too. I can really see that I am going to enjoy it, and hopefully will get a lot out of it.

Monday, 23 July 2007


Spent a lot of today trying to put a slide show onto this site. I finally managed, and then clicked the wrong thing, and deleted it. Anyway, as you can see it is now on here, finally! Otherwise had a quiet day. Brenda has got to do a project on Meerkats, so will be going to the library to try and get some information tomorrow. I dont know why she cant choose sometime easy for her projects that you can get lots of information on. Her last project was on stone fish. I had never heard of stonefish before then! There is also an information book for parents on how to help them do their projects. Not like when I was at school, lol. I cant believe that she only has 6 months left at LLJP. It is quite scary, and sad. Got to start thinking about getting some of her stuff for next year. Got no plans for tomorrow, but have to study for my APLS course. I opened the book today, and it looks like a hell of a lot of work. A lot to do with admin of drugs in a resusc, intubation etc which I haven't learnt about before, so that should be interesting.
Still got quite a few letters to write as well, which I should try and do tomorrow. I have totally run out of money, so wont be going anywhere, but that will give me a chance to get some stuff done I guess.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tough day

At work today, It was quite busy, and some people nearly drove me mad. Anyway, the weekend is nearly over, only 1 day left. On Monday I am going on diet again, and got to start going to gym. I havent been properly for nearly a month now. Friday was sports day. I was working, but managed to get time off to go. I have also been told, that I have to do the APLS course on the 8 August. There is a huge book to study. Not sure how long it is, as I thought it was 3 days, but Debbie only told me about one. That is also the weekend of Hobby-X, so I hope it doesnt continue the entire weekend!Brenda ses it was tiring.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Work again

Had the last 3 days at work. It wasnt too busy, but still it can be very frustrating in that place. For once it isnt the moms that drove me mad, but the staff. Mind you, that is not really anything new. But it just upsets me that some people can get away with doing the bare minimum and chatting to all their friends, family, relatives, etc and not have to do any work. I guess that is lucky. Plus, I think bringing your children to your work place is one thing, but they must realise that htey are not part of the workforce, and need to leave when their are meetings, talks etc. Anyway, I guess that is the advantage of being a um. Otherwise nothing happened really, had a fairly good few days. Apart from one of the staff writing on the patients file: Unable to find pulse! I mean what sort of a moron writes something like that. Honestly, I dont know where they find these staff sometimes. And Debbie insists on calling them back. One day we will all be in jail together.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another week

Has gone by, and finally the holidays are over. It seems like Brenda has been at home for months now, between the strike and the holidays. I wouldnt mind except that she is totally out of her routine now. Last night I made her go to bed early and she really battled. She also slept in her bed for the first time in ages which was amazing. Dad bought her a new little cd player, so she lay and listened to music in her room for a while.
She had a lovely week. On Monday she went and played with Taylin, and ended up spending the night. Then on Tuesday she went off riding with Taylins granny. They rode all the way from Thames Place to the casino, and back. Then on Wednesday, they went riding again. Yesterday we went to see Shrek 3 at the casino, which was quite good. Today I went back to gym. I havent been for 2 weeks, and have picked up 3 kgs! So this week I have to go on a strict diet. Otherwise, have now run out of money totally, so will just be sitting at home for the rest of the month! Was supposed to work overtime tonight, which would have helped, but I think that it is going to be quiet.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Well, another weekend at work is over, thank goodness. We werent really busy, but there were certain people who really annoyed me. At least it is over. I have one more week until the new students arrive, so I guess I have a week of peace. I hope that this lot are going to have more initiative to get going. Shireen has been very sick this last week with Hepatitis A, and even ended up in ICU! Thankfully she is getting better. The Pudding party went great, and the ALpha course starts at the end of the month. This Thursday is Book club. I just phoned Shirley to remind her, as I had heard nothing more about it. She had remembered, buy was unsure of where to have it. I told her, she had better decide quickly as she only has 3 more days!

Thursday, 5 July 2007


The first week of the holidays is nearly over now. Brenda seems to be having a good time. The first 3 days of this week she went to One Way at church which she loved. Today Robyn came to play. They were quite good, but Robyn is into everything. Tomorrow is Kumon in the afternoon. I am working all weekend. I finally got to join the church the other day, and went to the New Members Pudding Party tonight. I have also put my name down for the next Alpha course, which starts at the end of the month. So I am getting quite involved! Hope I enjoy it, I have heard lots of things about it. At least I will get to meet some more people there.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Only my child

Yesterday I was at work, when mom and dad bought Brenda up to me. She had pulled the cast off! I have never heard of someone pulling the cast off, but my child did it! So of course we had to spend the day in casualty having the cast redone. It took us 4 hours to do, and the doctor didnt really do a very good job of it in the end anyway. I have handed in the x-rays at Dr. Willers rooms, and asked him to check them, and check the cast as well. So Meryl will let me know when I can bring her in to check the cast. Of course all I can think of is the rands piling up. God knows how much this is all going to cost me.
Otherwise the last few days have been okay. Work has been really quiet, so it has been great. Andrea came and had lunch with me today, we had a nice chat, she is working tomorrow as well.
Brenda went to that One Way thing at church which she seems to have enjoyed, and then also to Robyn's in the afternoon, so she seems to have had a good day.