Sunday, 22 April 2012

Deweys 24 hour readathon hours 11 - 21

I slept for longer than planned, but was up at 6 and reading again. I read pretty much all the time until 11am, apart from a quick bath. I am now ready to spend a bit of time on here. I have managed to finish book 2, and have started book 3.
Pages read since last update: 371 ( 361 - The Sandalwood tree by Elle Newmark + 10 - Bored of the Rings)
Pages read in total: 765
Books finished since last update: 2 (The Sandalwood Tree)
Books finished in total: 2
Time read since last update 4:40minutes
Time read in total: 11hrs and 50 minutes

Mini challenges participated in: 3
Introductory meme
Turn to a page
Culinary Catastrophe

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