Monday, 1 November 2010

First of November resolutions!

It just struck me today that there are only 2 months left of this year. Here in South Africa the school year ends in December, so November is always filled with tests, projects, teacher present shopping, prizegiving, parties etc. Not to mention the fact that I am also writing exams and have lots of marking to do. I always feel that once November comes the year is basically over. It is like a torrent from there on that just sweeps you on. I have started thinking about Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas but am really unsure of what size to do, so will have to ponder it a bit more. Anyway, back to the Christmas season. A few months ago I came to the very belated realisation that I seriously need to do something about my finances and not go on spending money like water. This is not actually something new that I have learned but more that I have made a commitment to pay off all my accounts and curb my spending. Needless to say at this time of year there is so much going on that that can be very difficult. So, this year my Christmas resolution is that I am going to seriously curtail my Christmas shopping/splurging. Brenda is of an age where Father Christmas is more a formality than a real belief, so that can be cut down a bit and I am not going to go overboard with food and other things. I intend to draw up a menu and stick to it. I am also (this may actually be harder) going to try and not go out as much at this time, spend more time doing quiet, relaxing things at home, which should help me not spend money. Wish me luck :-)

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