Sunday, 31 October 2010

Oh dear

Oh dear, all of my resolutions to keep my blog up to date have gone with a bang! No excuses I know I know. Just been really busy with work and Brenda. She is not having a good year at school and needing lots of support and help so that is keeping me busy. On top of that I have my own work and studying.
A couple of fun things we have done this year:
Gone to Port Elizabeth in July: This was not really for a fun reason since my grandmother was dying, but turned out being a really good week!
Went to the Mangrove swamps with church: This is a local World heritage site, but has extremely limited visiting hours for the general public. They are only open for 3 hours once a month, so it was really nice to get to spend a whole day there.
Went to Halloween at Ushaka Marine World: This was last night and after worrying that Brenda was too old for it, she loved it.
Went to watch the Sharks play in pink for Breast Cancer.

Otherwise the year has been filled with preparing for lots of functions at work, doing lots of projects and studying hard (me, not so sure about Brenda.) I will try and post a photo post soon. My computer broke in July so I am using my dads borrowed computer at the moment. As Christmas approaches too quickly, I just cannot believe how the year has flown by and how little of the things I needed to do this year have been done. Oh well, there is always next year ....................

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voodoo vixen said...

I know the feeling oh too well... I look at the calendar and wonder where the months have gone to!! Hope Brenda gets sorted and feeling happier in school soon, it's always a worry when they aren't!