Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Girl talk blog hop

Whilst avoiding studying at all costs blog hopping this evening I came across the girl talk blog and decided to join in on this hop.

They ask you a question and you have to reply on your blog. This weeks question is if you were given $500 and had to spend it on yourself. You only have 24 hours to spend it what would you buy?

Well, this is actually a fairly easy question. I would absolutely love a digital DSLR. I have actually been saving for about 2 years and something always comes up instead so that is definitely what I would buy. I would really like the Canon 450D but wouldnt actually be fussy, lol.

Oh, and a portable hammock I saw the other day came a very close second :-)


Photographing Mom said...

Actually I've changed my mind about the camera type since I've been saving...had to go with the newest. LOL

Oh, a hammock sounds nice, also.

Linds said...

everyone wants new cameras and/or lenses... hahaha! Can't go wrong with a Canon though :)

Kimberly said...

Another camera. How funny is that!? Oh well, at least we know what we like, right?

Laura said...

Hope you get your camera soon! I had to wait about two years to get mine. It was a hard wait! But you'll appreciate it more when you do get it since you had to wait... not that that makes the wait easier!

Krystal said...

thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!