Monday, 8 November 2010

One down and a destress

And one to go. I wrote my first exam today, and it wasn't too bad. The first, compulsory question was okay, but the second half I am not sure about. None of the questions I thought would come out were there, so there were only 2 out of 4 that I am sure I did okay in. The others are a bit hit and miss. Not to mention the fact that I slightly ran out of time in the end. I am also panicking a bit that I labelled my questions wrong, but I vaguely remember feeling the same after last years exam, so maybe it is just nerves. Nothing I can do about it now anyway.
Anyway as we were leaving my friend Andria suggested that we go to the movies. I havent been to the movies apart from a kids movie for ages, so we popped off to Suncoast , which I also havent been to for ages. We were a bit early so we went for a late breakfast and coffee first. The only comedy that was showing was You again so we saw that, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is about a girl who was bullied in high school. Many years later she finds that her brother is going to marry the bully. It was funny, sad, and really you could just see yourself in it. There was a part where I wasnt sure whether to laugh or cry. Later on in the afternoon my dad told me it had a terrible review in the paper, so I am glad I didnt read that first since I can thoroughly recommend it. Lighthearted and fun.
After fetching Brenda from school we stopped at Fego for a milkshake, she had vanilla and I had a Vanilla, cookie and Flake milkshake. Absolutely yummy, but really not good for the diet!

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