Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer wrap up readathon

I have signed up for this readathon which runs over the next 10 days. Although it is winter here, I have a bit of a lull in my assignments (i.e only 3 due, lol) and I should have more time to read. My goal for the readathon is to finish 4 books, the 2 that I am currently reading (Lord of Chaos and Crusader Gold) and 2 more. I am not really sure what I will choose, will just see where the mood takes me! I will be updating here and on twitter. Just click on the picture above if you would like to join in.
Ok, so for my readathon to be read pile I have 4 books. The top 2 I am busy reading currently, the other 2 are the ones I am most excited to read from the TBR pile, so will more than likely read them next. Having said that I have been reading a lot of heavy books lately, so may switch to something lighter during the readathon.


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Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

A couple big books to read!
Thanks so much for joining us! Happy reading and good luck getting through your goals!