Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Kingdom by Tom Martin

Another book from my bookclub Kingdom was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.
A dying man arrives outside the gates of a monastery in Tibet and by nightfall the monks have evacuated and the abbot is dead.  Nancy Kelly, a journalist, newly arrived in India receives a bone trumpet from her predecessor who has disapeared. She is also arrested and then detained by the Indian police for being a spy. What follows is a treasure hunt through the forests of Tibet for the fabled land of Shangri-La.
What I liked: This book kept me guessing from beginning to end. There were so many twists and turns it is incrdible. Good guys become bad guys, bad guys turn out to be good. What seems to be the truth turns out to be not so true after all. I enjoyed learning about a culture which I know very little about, as well as all the historical references. It was also fast paced and a real page turner, with lots of action and adventure.
What I didn't like: I am a little bit sceptical about all the magic issues that were brought up. I got a bit confused with all the "foreign terms" Also, I didnt feel like you really get to know the characters, their development was minimal.
Would I read it again: Yes
Would I read another book by the same author: Yes

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