Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Studying again

I was really unsure of what to blog for todays prompt. This is really the problem with a lot of my blogging. I sit down and can not think of anything, so write nonsense. That is unless I have a project to post. And then it hit me, my studying. This is the major change in my life recently. I have recently started doing a degree correspondence through UNISA. I have known that I had to do it for a while, but put it off because I couldn't really see the point in doing it! I started a new job in March last year and then was promoted to lecturer shortly after that. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) it is a requirement of my job that I either have this qualification or go about getting it, which really is what gave me the final prod to do it. Wow, what a culture shock it has been. So much work to do, which I being a very lazy student at the best of times, have really battled to fit in. It has been nice to be learning new stuff, and I can also see how I can use it at work, but it is really hectic to fit it in. I am also quite nervous as to how much I am actually able to take in and retain. Next year I plan on taking more subjects too, so things are about to get busier! I have been doing it with my friend Andria, and although we have not got around to getting together much, it is nice to have her on the other end of the line for moral support! I wrote my first exam for 16 a few years the other day, and it was really wierd to be on the other end of the table lol. I have one more exam on the 16 November, and then we start the long wait for the results. It is quite scary being a student again, and I will say that it was definitely easier the first time round!


Tertia said...

Good luck with the studies. I have always wanted to further my studies and started with a post grad degree a few years ago. I thought I was going to die! LOL I did not ever imagine it being as hard as it was to get back into studying. In the middle of my studies my mom and dad passed away a few months apart and we had some other major family problems. I thought about just giving up, but my kids reminded me that our family are not quitters and today I am so grateful that I did finish. It is a great feeling when you get those results, so worth all the agony to get it!

Desire Fourie said...

Everything of the best with the studies. Its never easy, but disciplined persistence does pay of big time in the end. So hang in there.