Thursday, 5 November 2009

Little Monkey

It probably sounds quite funny to most of you, but we have a terrible problem with Monkeys in our area! Not all of them are as cute as this little guy!
Every morning and evening they travel over our house, it is quite cute to watch the little babies!They come into the house and steal things, they tease the dogs, eat any fruit growing in the garden, frighten away all the wild birds and have even been known to attack bird cages for seeds. Things that have dissapeared recently  include a packet of biscuits, a sugar bowl, one of Brendas toys and a big packet of sugar that was dropped at the entrance to our kitchen and smashed. The last few weeks have been quite bad, but on Sunday the funniest thing happened. I heard a crash in the kitchen and went running through to the kitchen. Nothing was amiss, but then I heard an indignant screech and something dropped outside. When I went outside a monkey had flung a toy easter egg that Brenda had gotten as a freebie across the driveway! It was quite lifelike, so he must have tried to eat it, only to find it was plastic. He was most indignant and I just wished I had a camera to record the look on his face!

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Kathy M said...

that is funny! I can't imagine living where monkeys are a problem