Tuesday, 10 November 2009

End of year aims

I was well behaved last night and studied hard, so didnt get to update on here. Work is also hectic, which means that I am really a bit stressed!
Our prompt yesterday was to blog our goals. I have really got a lot going on at the moment, what with the end of the school year, so have quite a few goals. Aside from the obvious one of studying and passing my exam on Monday, I think my main goal is to sort out my bedroom. I am a terrible hoarder and have got so much junk. It has got to the stage where I cant actually find anything! So, now I need to do something about it. I aim to have sorted the room out totally by the start of the school holidays (11 December) It might sound like a long time to sort out one room, but what with the end of the school year, full time lecturing for the next 4 weeks, teachers presents to sort out, stationery to sort out as well as Christmas Cards, presents etc, I think the more time I give myself the better. I will post a before and after picture as soon as I have done it! So watch this space!


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Kat said...

Geesh, Tracy ... you sound quite a lot like me... hoarder and all that! ;)

Still have to post day 3-7 from glass.. been procrastinating lately. :o

Fingers crossed for your exam - I'll have my refresher practical module on 5/6 December and then usually 4-6 weeks later I can do the re-sit of my exam.
Really have to hit the books now!!