Saturday, 31 March 2007


If I ever decide to work on stocktake again, please shoot me! I am so sick of it, being shouted at unnecessarily. First of all when I got up I had to say goodbye to Brenda. So I guess I was a bit stressed to start off. Then when i arrived I wanted to start taking stock out the cupboards for the morning. Viloshnie said it wont be necessary as they are not closing the cupboards. So we left it. Then Gill arrived, and said that no they would be closing the cupboards, but that we wouldnt have to keep going down to pharmacy, and we dont need to take anything out the cupboard. Then Debbie arrived and shouted at me when I wanted to get IV fluids out as she said that we must go down to pharmacy if we want anything! The three of them then proceeded to have a huge fight as to what we must do, in the meantime where does that leave us? Then one of the mums started complaining about not being seen yet by Dr. Naranbhai. When yolande came up to see the mom she informed us that Pharmacy would be closing at 12! Well, thank you for informing us! then, pharmacy was supposed to reopen at 4pm, but they just locked up and went home! So of course we still had scripts sitting in the ward. And then of course they all just walked out the ward at 11am and left us to pick up the pieces. I am so sick of it. I guess I am just really feeling abused and unappreciated at the moment. I had a long chat later with Yolande and that really helped a lot. Anyway, I dont see anything changing in the near future, and I think it is only going to get worse. Evashnie is going to the opposite shift now, so that means that I will be working with session sisters again. That is of course if I am lucky as for the last 6 months I was often working on my own, which makes life very difficult when Debbie is not there.
Brenda came to see me to say goodbye, which of course made me feel even worse, I miss her so much already, I will be counting the days until I see her again. I know she is going to have a good time, though. I just hope she takes loads of photos.

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