Thursday, 15 March 2007


Well here I am again after quite a while. Things have been fine here. I had my interview with Brendas teacher yesterday. She said that Brenda is doing fine apart from her spelling and her handwriting. The OT also phones and basically she suggested stopping the OT and starting remedial classes for a while. The teacher agreed with her. The only problem is that the OT is covered by medical aid, and that wont be, so who knows where that money is coming from.
Work has been busy and once again staffing is bad. We were supposed to open our high care, but now they have said that it is not a high care, but an observation ward. Basically because they are too stingy to staff it as a high care. The problem is that they havent bothered to officially inform the doctors about that. Which means that we are getting sick patients there who the doctors expect to be specialled, but we dont have any extra staff. I dont know what is going to happen.
As far as the diet goes it hasnt been going too well. But I have been quite good with gym and have gone on most of my days off. I went and saw Music and Lyrics with Sharon last week which was great, and have also joined a book club, so I have been keeping busy. That is all for now, but I hope to be back soon.

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