Monday, 26 December 2011

Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge 2012

It is that time of year when we start looking at various challenges for the coming year. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge this year, and in fact this has become one of my favourite genres at the moment. So, I am back for another year. This year I hope to read 24 books during the year, and hope to be better at reviewing the books as well! If you would like to join, just click on the link or the button in the side bar.

1. Swimsuit by James Patterson
2. Don't blink by James Patterson
3. Run for your life by James Patterson
4. Step on a crack by James Patterson
5. Devil bones by Kathy Reichs
6. Kiss the girls by James Patterson
7. The Geneva Deception by James Twining
8. Atlantis by David Gibbins
9. Fatal Voyage by Kathy Reichs
10. Girl missing by Tess Gerritsen
11. Worth Dying for by Lee Child
12. Trackers by Deon Meyer
13. Private by James Patterson
14. The red coffin by Sam Eastland
15. Keeping the dead by tess Gerritsen
16. Ice hunt by James Rollins
17. The sacred cut by James Hewson
18. Worst case by Jassy Mackenzie
19. The last templar by Raymond Khoury
20. Mortal Remains by Kathy Reichs
21. The Genesis plague by Michael Byrnes
22. Worst case by James Patterson
23. Death benefit by Robin Cook
24. The Redbreast by Jo Nesbo
25. Monday mourning by Kathy Reichs
26. Crusader gold  by David Gibbins
27. Temple of the gods by Andy Mc. Dermott
28. Pyramid by Tom Martin
29 Under the knife by Tess Gerritsen
30. The mose legacy by Adam Palmer
31. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
32. The messiah secret by James Becker
33. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
34. Zoo by James Patterson

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