Monday, 25 July 2011

High summer readathon starting post

I have been at work and had quite a busy day, so only had a chance to post now. I actually left work early planning on going to the tax office and then coming home to read. Of course, when I got there there was a huge queue and I am going to have to go back at some stage. Then I was informed that Brendas hockey shoes had a hole, so I had to go and get a new pair since it is hockey tomorrow. As a result, I have not had much chance to read at all and have so far only read 5 pages!
My aim for the readathon is the following:
1) Finish getting home by Celia Brayfield (I have about 450 pages left)
2) Finish New York by Edward Rutherford (I have about 500 pages left)
If I finish all that, there are about 10 books on my to be read list so that will keep me busy for the week!

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Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Welcome Tracy! Don't feel bad. I haven't got much done either. I've been too busy taking care of the business end of the read-a-thon. Hopefully, tonight I'll get some good reading in. I love Edward Rutherford! Have you read London? If you haven't, you really must. It's excellent! Also, wanted to let you know that the mini-challenge/giveaway post is up here:

Have fun reading this week!