Friday, 20 August 2010

Skywatch Friday

My photo for skywach this week was taken on Glenashley beach about a week ago. It had been overcast and rainy for the whole day, but on my way home, it cleared up and had these beautiful clouds.Being a good skywatcher :-) I popped down to the beach and took some photos. This was not actually the best one and maybe some of the others will appear another time. But what I loved about this photo was the little seagull that got in the way.Perfect luck.


Pearl Maple said...

Great luck to have a bird happen by to top off your photo. Thanks for your kind comments, yes it was an outgoing tide and the boat was speeding up the channel to get out of the harbour making for an odd view from the angle.

Max-e said...

Cool shot Tracy. I like it when a bird just pops into a picture like that. Have a great weekend.