Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Preparations

I had a really late start to my Christmas Preparations this year. Last Friday I had not bought anything at all, but now I am pretty much ready. So a checklist of what I have to do before Friday
1) Wrap presents
2) Look at Christmas lights
3) Bake Gingerbread men
4) Buy Andria's present (know what I want, just got to get it)
5) Deliver presents to Andria and the boys
6) Make Trifle
7) Cook gammon on Thursday
8) Decide what I am going to do for a starter
9) Sort out Brendas stocking
10) Get food for Santa
11)Make Gingerbread food
12) Go to Childrens service on Christmas Eve
I think that is all, but I am sure something else will pop up. Brenda is very excited and is driving me a little mad! My sister arrives tomorrow, so have to do as much as possible before then! Hope everyone else is getting there and looking forward to Christmas!


Rhonda said...

ok, I'm going to bite, whats "gammon?"

Anonymous said...

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