Monday, 5 January 2009

Mosaic Monday

I have decided to join in with Mosaic Monday which can be found here. Each week you make up a mosaic of pictures according to a theme and then blog and link it up. Sounds like fun. The theme this week is YOU, so here is mine.

#1 (Big square) is me. I do not have many pictures of me at all, I a usually the one behind the camera, so decided to do a self portrait and just accept whatever came up, so here I am.

#2 Music - I have lots of favourit music, but my absolute favourite of all time is Rod Stewart.

#3 Food - once again, lots of food I like, but my favourite has to be Roast Meals -anything roasted I love

#4 Author - this was REALLY difficult, because I read A LOT. But my favourite series is by Diana Gabaldon. If you havent already read her series, I suggest you do. You will fall in love with the hero - Jamie Fraser, he is amazing!

#5 Travel - I would love to go to Pompeii, have always been fascinated and since my mom and gran have both been, I would love t go

#6 Movie - This was also very difficult, but was eventually a toss up between THe Shawshank redemption, and The Breakfast Club. The Breakfast Club won.

#7 Hobby - Scrapbooking, and cardmaking,also like knitting

#8 Colour - Pink

#9 Clothing - what I wear most is Jeans!

#10 Gotta have it - have got to have my watch, I feel lost without knowing what the time is

#11 Website at the moment is UKScrappers

#12 TV - I watch very little TV, but my favourite programme of all time is Friends

#13 was free so I chose a recent one of my daughter Brenda


Lori said...

I think your self-portrait turned out great..

I like the photo you chose for the jeans, creative.

Thanks for participating!

Have a great week!


Courtney said...

Great mosaic! You're right....I feel naked without my watch! And woo-hoo...a fellow scrapper! Such fun. Glad to "meet" you! Think I'll stick around if that's okay! :)


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Great mosaic! This has been so much fun. I live in jeans too! What's your favorite Friends episode? I'd have a hard time choosing...

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Latharia said...

LOVE that mosaic!! Glad to hear the Christmas items arrived EVENTUALLY! LOL! :) Good thing you still have pages to do!