Friday, 9 January 2009

Favourite Foto Friday # 57

This weeks theme is cold. Well, it doesnt get very cold here in Durban at all. The coldest it really gets is 8 or 9 celcius, so I chose some photos from the Drakensberg taken a few years ago. It did not snow and the days were warmish, but the mornings and evenings were freezing! And yes, there is one of Brenda in her costume going down the waterslide! She nagged and nagged and nagged and nagged (you get the picture) until eventually I gave in and lether do it. Of course, 1 jump into the pool and she was rushing to the bathrooms at the campsite next to the pool for a hot bath! Sometimes mothers know best!


SABEE said...

ah, South Africa is such a beautiful country. The Berg, these pics make me feel a little home sick.
Love the photos Tracy !

Terri said...

She is gorgeous! I love the scenery too!

Tina said...

Oh my is it beautiful there. I love that you let her go down the slide. Sometimes they have to do it themselves to understand that Mom was right.

Hannah said...

Beautiful! I love the water slide. I wish I had one like that...and it was warm enough to use it!!

She is beautiful no matter what she does!!

Rebekah - A Wife and Mom said...

Oh what beautiful photos! It looks amazing there ... how lucky yo live there! And your little girl is just too cute ... love her smile! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


Rhonda said...

Oh I am soooo jealous of your weather........It looks so incredibly beautiful there seeing your pictures. Fun water slide even if it was a tad cold, hahahaa
Have a great weekend.

Leslie said...

OHHHH wow how beautiful!!!

Im jealous about all your nice weather!!


One Busy Momma said...

Sooo cute!!!!!
and yes... kids must try it out for themselves sometimes to learn their lesson... a little cold water never hurt anyone!!!!!

Great scenery also!!!!
Gosh... we have really got to get over to Durban!
We usually spend time in Kimberly.

Marianne said...

Your little lady is just beautiful, she looks like such a big girl on the horse. Are you really in South Africia, the scenery is just breath taking. Thanks for sharing, Happy New Year!

Jaime Salas said...

Very pretty!

Stacey and Dewey said...

Wow how would it be living somewhere where it doesnt get cold. Beautiful pics!!! And good for you letting brenda go down the slide, good lesson learned :)
Have a great weekend!

Jan Caballero said...

Just stumbled across your blog. She has the cutest haircut ever. :-) Very beautiful child.