Friday, 24 October 2008

Question of the week

Well, I can see Fridays are going to be spent blogging around here! I have decided to join Heathers question of the week. Todays question is your favourite recipe. Heather posted a yummy sounding chicken recipe. I am also posting a chicken recipe which is really one of the easiest things I make. Unfortunately it is one of those that I dont really have amounts for, just depends on how many people you have.
Chicken and vegetable bake
Chicken pieces ( 1 for each person)
potato or even sweet potato (about half for each person)
butternut or really any vegetables you want to add, pepper is also nice
1 onion
tomatoes (works nicely with ROsa or cherry tomatoes, but normal tomatoes are fine too)
thyme and other seasoning to taste
juice of 1 orange (more if necessary)

Chop all vegetables up. Place all ingredients except tomatoes and orange juice with the chicken in a roasting dish. Place in oven at 220C(392F) After 20 minutes add the tomatoes and orange juice. Cook until chicken is cooked through and tomatoes are nice and caramelised! This is really delicious and so easy, because apart from the chopping of the vegetables there is no cooking just all in the oven.


mandijane said...

oh gosh that sounds appetising....

Stacey and Dewey said...

Oh sounds yummy and easy!!! I don't eat meat but I bet I could use some fake chikin :)
Thanks for sharing, I LOVE recipes!!!
Happy Monday