Friday, 17 October 2008

Favourite Foto Friday # 47

The theme for FFF today is Friends. I did this a few months ago, but I found some other ones.
The first two are of Brenda with my best friends niece Megan. Because we see each other often, so do the kids, and they always get on so well. THese pics were taken at the Botanic Gardens on the last day of the holidays in January.

This one was taken at the ice rink in July, we ran into my friend Vida there, and the child on the right hand side is Vidas daughter Emma. They have known each other since Emma was born!


Stacey and Dewey said...

What cute girls!!! Wow those gardens are beautiful!!! Nice to see some green things :)
Have a good weekend!

Kim & Dave said...

Cute pics! I agree, the green is nice!

Sarah said...

Adorable friends... sorry about the repeat theme... had a blonde moment when I chose it!

Christine said...

Very cute pic! I love your Advent calendars too.

Bless you!

Terri said...

What a bunch of cute girls!

Becca said...

What cuties - friends are such blessings! Brenda is a beautiful girl.

Peace and Hugs,

Michelle Riggs said...

Sweet pictures of beautiful girls.

Anonymous said...

What great pics ...Thanks for stopping by my blog...Feel free to stop by anytime as I dont have many people who follow my blog yet..LOL...Love, Marci