Monday, 31 March 2008

Update on life

Wow, I cant believe it is nearly 3 weeks since I have done an update. Things have been quite hectic here I must say. Working every day means I dont have nearly as much time to do the things I used to do!
Work is going great, and I am really enjoying it. It has been quite an adjustment though, as it is really totally different to what I am used to. It is a much slower pace but far more intellectually stimulating. We havent started visiting the hospitals yet, but probably will start this month. I am even making up Powerpoint Presentations, so quite proud of myself since I had never even opened PP up at the beginning of the month! We are still waiting for our computers though, so it makes life a bit difficult, but hopefully they will come soon. The people that I work with are also lovely, and everyone is very helpful. I did see one of our doctors from the ward the other day and he told me of a Unit Managers Post that will be coming up soon, so that is something to think about, but I prayed so hard about this one, and I feel this is where God is leading me. I dont want to chop and change jobs either as I feel I should give this one a chance.
Brenda is doing well. She did really well at school this term and even came 3rd in class which I was thrilled about. When I think of all we have battled with at school and people kept saying that it will eventually come right. I never really believed them, but hopefully it means that it is coming right. I have definitely seen a change of attitude in her this year though, so that is a good sign too. She is in Johburg at the moment with Dayle and seems to be having a good time, and has been very spoiled. She gets back on the 8th and the house really seems lonely without her.
We had a lovely Easter, quite but nice to spend time together and just relax. Went to the beach on Easter Monday with Andria, and her boys, which was lovely. The weather was brilliant and the kids had a lovely time playing in the rock pools and catching crabs. Wish life could be like that every day.

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