Sunday, 5 February 2012

Challenge - Random Tease

I haven't done any challenges so far because I have been a bit confused with the time zone thing. Anyway, I think I have got it now. The readathon challenge over on Project TBR is to post 6 teaser sentenses of your current book. So, here is mine, all taken from Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" I demanded again. The question this time came out in a croak that sounded frightened even to my own ears. (pg54)

He didn't speak further, but relaxed a bit under my hands when he realised it wasn't going to hurt. I felt an odd sense of intimacy with this young Scottish stranger, due in part, I thought, to the dreadful story he had just told me and in part to our long ride through the dark, pressed together in drowsy silence. (pg90)

I turned to Jamie in sudden panic. "I can't marry you! I don't even know your last name!" (pg 264)

"An odd wedding present, maybe" he nodded at the trout, but not without precedent, as Ned Gowan might say"
"There are precedents for giving a new wife a fish?" I asked entertained (pg 302)

"As to that, sir, I swore an oath before the altar of God to protect this woman. And if you're telling me that ye consider your own authority to be greater than that of the Almighty, then I must inform you that I'm no of that opinion myself"  (pg 542)

"I've a wee favour I was wishin' to ask of your lairdship," she began, "having' tae do wi'___"
"Grannie MacNab" Jamie interrupted, advancing a menacing half-step through the water, "whatever your wish is, I'll do it. Provided only that ye'll give me back my shirt before my parts fall off wi' cold." (pg 613)

I must say I enjoyed the challenge and you do get more of a sense of the book by doing more than 2 sentences.

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