Sunday, 6 June 2010

I'm back (hopefully)

Finally I have got through the really busy time at work and should be able to take it easier (note not easy) for the next few weeks. Having said that, that is what I thought the last time I posted. Brenda has been really busy at school as well this term. They seem to have had at least 2 tests a week for the term. Plus it was longer than normal nearly 3 weeks, so things have been really exhausting. It is nearly over though since she breaks up on Wednesday, but we have sports day to get through first. Now, although Brenda is generally very sporty, one thing she cannot do is athletics. This is the first year that it has really worried her and she told me she did not want to take part at all. However, the school have apparently put her in, so she is not impressed. I have taken the day off, so will go and watch, since I missed the gala and most of her netball matches this year. Durban is gearing up for the Football World cup finally and there are SA flags all over the show. I have one on my car and then sidemirror covers as well. I have even bought a shirt to wear! Not that I really like soccer, but I guess it is good to get into the spirit. Brenda made me buy us each a hat too, so I may post a picture of us in our gear one day! The kids have 6 weeks off school for the entire World Cup, which is a bit of a pain having to think of things that she can do for all that time!
I had a quiet weekend this weekend since Brenda went to play and spend the night with her friend Siobhan, whom she has been friends with since pre-school. Even though they are now at different schools, they are still great friends and get together quite often.
As far as my reading goes, I am not as far as I would have liked since we are halfway through the year, but have read 35 books and am nearly finished number 36. I expect to be able to read a lot more for the next couple of months until the studying starts again!
When I looked through my photos to find some to post I realised that I have hardly taken any this year, shows how busy I have been! These two were taken at the airport the last time Brenda returned from seeing my sister. Some of you may be aware that she has been selling muffins at the school tuckshop in an effort to save enough money for a laptop. Well, she was within the last R1000 for a basic laptop when my sister offered to sell her her old one. She had just been given a new one from work and so her old one (bought in December after the previous one was stolen) was going spare. Anyway, Brenda decided to buy it although it was not the pink one that she had had her heart set on, but she had enough money and it is certainly a far better laptop than she would have been able to buy herself. The point to this story is that this was the trip where she bought the laptop back. You can see how excited she looks. This was also the last time we went to the old Durban Airport which closed down 3 days after this photo was taken. This was also the first time she flew as an adult and typically, we got stuck in traffic and were a few minutes late to fetch her!
This one was taken the very next day when she went off with the school on their 2 night excursion away. As usual she was very excited and had an amazing time, but I think (or like to think) that she was happy to come home at the end of all that time away!

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