Friday, 1 August 2008

Favourite Foto Friday #38

I can't believe that I have hardly even looked on here since last week. I have been so busy plus have had flu and feeling really miserable, but the weekend is upon us again, so things can only improve for here. Brenda flew to Johburg this afternoon so am on my own for the weekend. The only hitch was that she flew 1time airline and they dont normally take unaccompanied minors, although it had been authorised, so we didnt know until the last minute if she would get on. But in the end she did, and the staff were great and she went off without a care in the world. Didn't even wave goodbye!
She has also gone back to guitar, after half a year of refusing to practice, and throwing a major wobblywhen I booked her in, she went backed and loved it, so hopefully it will last. Work has been busy, and I started today as a lecturer, instead of doing practicals I will now be mainly do theory. At the momet though, we re going around to all the hospitals doing practical exams, so that is keeping me very busy.
FFF this week is Crazy hair, so had to go and dig these out.The first one is in Grade 1. They had a funky hair day for charity, so we died Brendas hair blue and put braids in it. I am not sure why she looks so cross in this photo!

This one is her school photo in Grade 2, and she forgot to brush her hair before the pictures, so it is standing up!

This one is not really crazy hair,but is her class photo taken on the same day. Can you see all the children with tidy hair standing smartly with their hands behind their backs? Can you see the one with wild hair standing with her hands in the front? Well, that is my daughter!

And lastly, this is actually one of my favourite photos of Brenda. ONce again they had a crazy hair day at school, and we died her hair. I just love how blue it makes her eyes look!

If you would like to see more gorgeous kiddos with their crazy hair, go on over to Sarah's blog!


Rachel said...

Great photos - love her school picture, my sis did the same thing once - priceless!

Sharon said...

I love these and your funny sense of humor with the class photo!

Becca said...

You know, I can't believe I am saying this, but Brenda actually looks good with pink hair!

Peace and Hugs,

Isabella's mom said...

gorgous girl!

Amanda said...

The class photo will definitely be a memory to talk about. So funny but yet cute!

ANDREEA said...

I love her...she is so cute...:))And that pink hair looks great!

Jennifer said...

Brenda is just beautiful! Did it break your heart to let her go off for the weekend? My son is starting to spread his wings a bit and it just kills me!! Of course I know it is a good thing and is bound to happen but it's hard to let them go!! Enjoy your weekend!

Christina said...

Such a cutie! I just love the school pic (I'm a teacher so I have seen MANY just the same LOL). Hope you are feeling better and the Brenda's traveling went well!
Have a great weekend!

Becca said...

Brilliant Blogger Award - come see me to accept this award given in your honor!!!