Monday, 14 April 2008

Back to school

Brenda is back from Johburg and back to school today. I made the big decision of taking her off the Ritalin so just praying very hard that things go well! We have parent interviews at the school next week so I figured that if things deteriorate then at least she will be able to tell me then and we can start it again. Work has been fine, I started a course last week, which was why I have hardly been around at all. Tomorrow morning we have a staff meeting and I know that a few of us have got some issues so it should be an interesting meeting. Brenda had a lovely time in Johburg with Dayle and is probably going back on the next long weekend. Quite the jetsetter! We had to get rid of our chicken last week, so we are all feeling quite sad. We found a lovely home for him, and at least we can all get some sleep!

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