Monday, 29 October 2007

Favourite Foto Friday er Monday

Never got around to it this Friday as I was out on Friday night, so here it is. This is not a family pic, but definitely a photo that all South Africans have seen in the last week. John Smit with the world cup trophy.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

update on week

Having a good week so far. Weekend was great too, but busy. On Saturday Brenda went to Taylin's birthday party. It was a music video party, basically these girls came to the house, dressed the kids up and then filmed them dancing etc. They then take this back home and turn it into a music video whichthey give back to the kids. The girls had and absolute ball and loved every minute of it. After taht we went to Spur, and then back to their house for the rugby, which of course the Springboks won, so I was a very happy bunny by the end of the night. On the way home from Spur, Brenda and another little girl who was in the car were hanging out the window screaming Lets go Bokke, Lets go! I told her she was acting drunk, lol.
On Sunday Brenda went to play with Siobhan so I had a free day, and mom and I went shopping.
Work was okay on Monday and Tuesday, but I found out a few things which really upset me, and now I think over the next few months I need to consider my future and where it lies. Tonight I went to my first meeting at my new home group. I have never been to a home group before, so it was quite scary, but I enjoyed it, so will be going back next week! Got no plans for tomorrow, but working the weekend. Need to get Brenda some sort of Halloween costume as Juliet Donkin and I are organising trick or treating on Halloween night! Brenda is thrilled as she has been nagging me since last year!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

We are the champions.......

of the world. I was thrilled last night to watch the boks become the new world champions! Lets go bokke lets go!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

First day back

Finally back to work, after being off with pink eye. If I look at it, I have only worked 4 days in the last month, what a pleasure. Unfortunately now it is back to the grindstone. Had quite a good day, although it was busy, but that makes the days go quick. Hope the next 2 days go just as quick!

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Art Auction

Brenda's school had their art auction last night as a big fundraiser for the year. Each child did one piece of art which you could buy, and then each class did a large item which each child took part in. Over the last few weeks Brenda has been nagging me to buy her class item. I of course had to break it to her gently that there was no way I would be able to afford to bid against all the wealthy parents in the school! She then asked my sister who said: "Sure, I will come, sure I will buy the table cloth", all the while knowing she would be in Australia this weekend. Then the school came up with the idea of raffling the items, which I thought was just as bad a I never win anything on a raffle. Anyway, went off to the auction last night. Was not planning on staying long because I have not been well, but decided to wait until they did the raffles. I did take a few pics when I arrived so that I could have a record of what they had done. All the childrens art was lovely. They left the raffles for almost last, and ours was about the fourth one. I was so amazed as they pulled the number out, and she shouted out my name! I was so thrilled to have won it. It is such a lovely momento to have of the school, especially since it is her last year there. It is a huge tablecloth divided into squares and each child has drawn and painted an animal and their names are written underneath. Really lovely. Brenda was so excited when I fetched her from Taylin's to have won. Of course, I feel sad for the other kids, but so glad that I got it. A really, really, really good start for the weekend.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Favourite Foto Friday

This is not a photo from this week, but from many years ago when I was training. My mum found it is a box somewhere and brought it out to show me. The photos are all taken in the nurses res and are mainly of my group, although there are a few other people in there. It was amazing to look at the photos, and really brought back loads of good memories. It is wierd to look at how young and carefree we looked and how our lives have all changed since then. We all thought we were so grown up then though, lol. Sometimes it would be nice to turn back the clock though!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Scrappy weekend

Had a great weekend, kept really busy with the UKS Cyber crop. I did 2 classes which I finished, and then did another which I havent. Have never done so much scrapping in 1 weekend! Both were quite different to what I normally do, so it was quite a challenge. Godd thing though as I guess it inspires you to try new things. There are quite a few more classes which I would like to try. I have also joined Brenda as a junior scrapper, so she should enjoy that. Otherwise I also went to gym twice, and was good and did the circuit as well as my normal gym! Hopefully that will help with the weight loss. Work today was really quiet, so was quite enjoyable, and only 1 difficult mother, so that was good!