Tuesday, 6 February 2007

The weekend

I didnt come online over the weekend, as I am trying to save money by not going online the night before I am working. We had a busy weekend at work, and I was quite good in that I didnt have any coke or sweets or anything. I am quite broke until I get refunded by Medical Aid so I shouldnt be able to cheat fot the rest of the month, lol. Last night I worked overtime, it wasnt too bad, and for once we had enough staff. Dont know what it will be like tomorrow with all the daycases. Had a disaster with cars too. When I got in my car to go to work, the battery was flat, so I had to take moms car. This morning on the way home from work it overheated, but luckily I just made it home. SO moms car is at the garage, and my car is having the battery charged, hopefully neither of them will cost too much. Today I slept until 2:30, then played Sonic until it was time to fetch Brenda. TOmorrow it is back to work.

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